Launch Strategy & Design for Startups

Create digital products and services that people actually want to use.

Don't risk spending 50k+ building software that no one wants.

Does this sound familiar?

What if you could take steps designed to not only reduce risk, but also save time and resources before you launch your startup?

Looking for the next logical step?

I offer three services for each stage of your early startup journey.

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Product Roadmap Workshop

For those exploring options, strategies, and how to build a team

  • One-on-one workshop mapping out your idea from zero to launch
  • 10+ page report with a step-by-step action-plan for reaching your goals
Product Strategy, Design & Development

For those ready to hire a team to start building and testing

  • A Minimum Viable Product, branding & identity design, rapid prototyping for user research, building and managing a team, and much more.
Monthly Digital Strategy & Creative Direction

For those who have already launched a digital product or service

  • Month‐to‐month strategic UI and UX services for your startup's product, marketing pages, and newsletter campaigns.

Who's behind this?

Lambworks is a solo product design consultancy, for entrepreneurs building digital products and online services.

It's run by me, Holly Stewart, with help from friends as needed.

I began designing in the corporate-cubicle-world. After deciding that office politics and inefficient bureaucracy are not for me, I left to go solo during a recession, while many colleagues were desperately clinging to their jobs.

Since then, I’ve spent six years helping startups and small businesses with design, strategy, and occasionally self-sabotage prevention. I prefer working with startups because we share a drive to carve your own path while making useful and profitable things.

Unlike other consultancies, I only accept projects from early stage startups when it's clear I can provide a return on investment by helping to grow traction or revenue.

I prefer to help solve core issues before lots of time and resources are thrown at a deeper business problem or unprofitable idea.

Holly Stewart

Holly Stewart is an independent product designer and consultant in Nashville.

What others are saying

Lori Brannock
Holly is an entrepreneur and so I know she understands the challenges we face.

"She's 8 hours away from our business, and we could hire a local designer. However, she came highly recommended by our developer. After trusting her design to bring our site from idea to launch, there is no one I trust more to get the job done. She has excellent communication skills and always exceeds expectations."

— Lori Brannock, Merch Colony
Who this is for

Are you my people?

Early Stage Entrepreneurs

You're open to new methodologies for better decision-making and aren't afraid to restructure your business model as needed.

You want done-for-you services to get your product off the ground, but you're also ready and willing to learn the ins and outs of running and managing your product over time.

It's my intention to help you outgrow me.


You are the ultimate decision-maker.

There are no hidden investors or stakeholders that will come out of the woodwork who do not understand your industry or will interfere with the product development.


Sometimes it's just not meant to be.

Looking for someone who will just execute the idea in your head?

If you're in the market for order takers, pixel pushers, or code monkeys, this is not a good fit.

I choose and assemble setups where everyone is involved in prioritization every step of the way. No one is left in the dark and input is not only encouraged, but required. We collaborate as strategists, advisors, and lead technicians.

We don't build for the sake of building. We commit to building your product to solve a need, want, or problem for your customers.

Not open to the idea of content marketing?

Are you against doing content marketing such as newsletters, blogging, or interviews?

This tells me you have a "build it and they will come" approach.

If you aren't committed enough to build an audience and write a weekly or monthly blog post or newsletter, why should I or your customers take your business seriously?

Working on something great? I'd love to help make it happen.

Let’s chat about your business, product, or services, and if I think there's potential to gain traction or make a lot more money through strategic design, we’ll go from there.
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