A customizable, mobile and social platform that lets healthcare organizations have their own social network.

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January 2013 - August 2014

Services Provided

Visual Identity Rebranding, Web & Mobile App UI Design, Marketing Pages Design, Email Campaign Design

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The Story

Zeumo launched in 2012 as a customizable social platform for high schools. It enabled students to learn about job and program opportunities, directly connect to teachers, and gave students a voice about what's going on in their school through daily polls.

After discovering it was premature for the education system to regularly implement this new technology, Zeumo quickly pivoted into the healthcare industry.

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Zeumo now allows hospitals to communicate with their physicians through phones and tablets and creates a network for staff collaboration. Physicians on the go can rely less on email and quickly receive notifications and alerts.

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Visual Identity Rebranding

In 2014, Zeumo transitioned from being an education startup to a healthcare startup and needed to rebrand. We wanted to keep the lightning bolt, but make their identity more simplified and bold.


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The Latest

Zeumo was acquired by The Advisory Board in the summer of 2015.

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Trust Tree is a fresh alternative to how we register trademarks. The attorney-guided service is for anyone ready to file a trademark online without stepping foot in an attorney’s office.

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Merch Colony is changing the way we recommend local businesses. They’re like Yelp for your hometown, but with an emphasis on recommending instead of reviewing.